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VirtualDodge.com Forum/Site Guidelines
1. Respect is of the utmost importance here at Virtual Dodge. We do not condone posts/threads strictly created as personal attacks or solely inflammatory in nature. No Flaming is allowed. These posts/threads will be removed immediately.

2. Advertising: While listing your product experience is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. Promotion of self-owned, non-related, or the constant listing of companies that do not support this site will be removed. SPAM is not acceptable in an way shape or form and will be removed immediately.

3. Virtual Dodge is a PG-13 website. Any posts/thread that contains nudity, offensive language, or inappropriate images will be deleted immediately. Links to sites that cater to any of the previously mentioned items will be removed. What is defined as inappropriate or offensive shall be determined by the Virtual Dodge Support Team.

4. Respect related websites: We here at Virtual Dodge respect other Dodge Car & Truck related sites and ask you do the same. Links to other Sites/Forums are acceptable on occasion unless they infringe on these guidelines.

5. Cross-Posting: As defined by posting the exact or very similar information in two or more forums. This is not acceptable and could result in one or all the posts/threads being deleted.

6. Classified Forum: The Classified Section of this forum is for member convenience only and sales there are not regulated or administered by Virtual Dodge. Items listed for sale must have been legally obtained by the seller and transactions are the sole responsibility of the parties entering agreement. Virtual Dodge shall not be liable for any transaction. However, if you feel, a party is misrepresenting an item or themselves, please notify a Support Team Member and we will look into it.

7. This is a Public Forum and as such opinions expressed on these forums are the opinions of the posters; Virtual Dodge takes no responsibility for them. Once in a while we may miss something, if you see a violation of these guidelines please notify a Support Team Member.

8. Only one user name or account is allowed per member. If you have forgotten your log in information, do not create a new account, please contact us.

9. Any abuse towards the Virtual Dodge Support Team in any form, may result in immediate suspension of your account.

10. Chat Thread: We certainly do not have an issue with chatting in the forum and encourage participation on every level. However, if a post turns into a chat thread it will be moved to the appropriate forum and the post counts for that item are removed for each member automatically. Chat Thread =Any thread that A) does not stay on topic for more than a few posts. B) generates numerous one word or single smiley responses. C) Titled in a manner to generate chatting about more than one subject.

Footnote: These are meant as guidelines only and will not cover every situation. The Virtual Dodge Support Team will take any action deemed necessary to insure this site is not disrupted or abused in any manner.

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